Cool News to Share

Cool News to Share

Smarty pants pigeons, summer drinks and more…

With all of the crappy news filtering through this week, I thought we could end the week on some positive notes with a couple of cool news stories, such as these…

Pigeon Power

Have you heard that pigeons have the capacity to learn higher math? This really isn’t that surprising to me after I listened to a TED Talk discussing the brain power of crows; still, the fact that pigeons can ace math tests is pretty awesome, especially considering the fact that many humans—including yours truly—start biting their nails at the mention of the subject.

Teen Girl Invents Better Way to Screen for Breast Cancer

You know how people have to endure painful biopsies to truly identify cancer in their bodies? The winner of the annual Google Science Fair, 17-year-old Brittany Wenger, has created a much easier, less painful computer program to help doctors identify cancer. And guess what? She did it completely on her own, completely self-taught, with 7.6 million trials and 600 hours of coding! Talk about a modern Edison. See, this is why we need failure—so we can keep moving forward!

Learn a Language in 90 Days!

Don’t believe me? Try it. If it works, post about it!

New Palestinian Mayor is a Teenage Girl

Okay, Bashaer Othman is only going to be mayor for two months, but this is an incredible act of trust and empowerment for youth; I hope more cities and countries copy this example. Our kids really do need to learn how to run the world they are inheriting, especially since… Wait, I promised only good news here!

Getting Dirty is Healthy

New studies show that girls who play outside and get dirty on a regular basis grow up healthier, which makes total sense since my immune system sucks and my mom was a neat freak when I was little! My husband and I joke that he grew up healthier because he was practically raised in raw sewage; this may be the truth! So let your kids play in the dirt (as soon as it’s cool enough to do just that) and leave the wet wipes at home. And for goodness’ sake, don’t wipe off the playground equipment before they play!

Cool Summer Drinks

The good news here is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on your favorite fruity summer drinks; instead, you can make some delicious fruit-and-herb drinks of your own. Here are some more tasty, cheap water infusions, and here are some juicing experiments you might want to try.