Ideas for a great summer

Ideas for a great summer

Take advantage of the waning summer days

Can you believe it is August already?  That means summer is ending soon.  Did you set out to spend some quality time in the sun?  If not, then you need to get started soon.  Not sure what to do to turn your summer into a great experience?  Get inspired by some of the ideas below.

Play the games of the Summer Olympics

No, I don’t mean for you to try to be the next Olympian.  What I am suggesting is that you do try to participate in the sports that are currently airing on TV.  You don’t even have to keep score if you do not wish to do so.  Just get playing and have a blast while you are at it.  Play beach volleyball with a couple of friends.  Be like Michael Phelps and work on your various swimming strokes.  Do you live near a lake?  Try renting a kayak or canoe.  Is your tennis racket collecting dust somewhere?  Take it out for a swing. 

Take a tropical vacation

Summer is a good time to vacation somewhere with a beach that is worthy of being called a tropical paradise.  Head to Hawaii or the Bahamas.  Then apply plenty of sunscreen while there.

Get away from the heat

Is it too hot where you are living?  Are you in need of some cooler air?  Try a vacation in Maine.  The weather there is nice this time of year.  Also, while you are there be sure to have a taste of a very special ice cream flavor.  Lobster ice cream is probably not available anywhere else.