If you need some reasons to travel around the world...here are a few

If you need some reasons to travel around the world...here are a few


Turn those potentially depressing and long periods in your life into the greatest adventure of your life. Here are several reasons to break free and go on a trip around the world.

College graduate..check...now what?

That gap year right out of undergraduate is the perfect time to plan a trip around the world. This may be the most opportune time in your life when you have little or no obligations holding you back. Of course you also probably don’t have a lot of cash for such an extended trip so be wise about your travel plans. Hey, you could even get a research grant or fellowship and justify flying around the world by doing a little extra school work which also helps fund the trip. Also, WOOFing and voluntourism is a great way to work your way around the world and receive accommodations and food in return.


Beat the break-up blues

So it may be true that time heals all wounds. But if you don’t have a lot of time to sit and dwell on that failed relationship, maybe distance is the next best thing for curing your sorrows. I don’t mean for you to go all Eat, Pray, Love and find the next partner while on your travels but you’ll regain your independence and re-discover just how strong you are by discovering the world.


Opposite of GAP year

Retirement is the opposite of your gap year out of college because hopefully at this point in your life you have some funds to help make your trip that much more memorable. Also for those that don’t want to take the extra step and plan every last detail, there are plenty of itineraries that are guided by professionals and target older travelers.



The other alternative is to travel the world with a conscious focus. The new rage is volunteerism and there are plenty of small businesses and individuals that need the extra helping hand. Most are generous and hospitable hosts and are willing to feed and give you a place to rest at night. You’ll work hard but you’ll also appreciate the adventure much more.


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