Traditional dishes for Saint Patty's Day

Traditional dishes for Saint Patty's Day


If you think Ireland is a land of little variety and simple tastes, than think again. The Irish palette has become quite unique and adventurous over the years. This Saint Patty’s Day, try whipping up your own meal using some of the traditional and local specialities of the Emerald Isle. If you’re brave, attempt some of the traditional dishes as well.


Yes it’s stereotypical but it’s also true. Potatoes are a staple and are in most dishes, morning, lunch, and dinner. Typically, mashed potatoes are a good choice, and are superb if served with cabbage and spring onions.



Like the potato, it’ll be rare to see a traditional Irish dish served without meat. Usually lamb, pork, or beef are the favorites. More and more, the Irish are beginning to favor seafood. Now, any most restaurants, especially in the west, fresh seafood is the best menu choice. Oysters on-the-half-shell are a common delicacy, along with salmon and trout. 


Soda Bread

The most infamous bread in Ireland is Soda Bread. It’s been named as such because in the 19th century bakers substituted yeast with bicarbonate soda because Irish flour didn’t rise accordingly. Nowadays, soda bread is a common side on breakfast menus.


Traditional Dishes:


Black pudding: Maybe you should just try this first before I tell you what it is. It’s made from congealed pork’s blood, suet (yes, what birds eat) and other mysterious fillings. It’s a common find on breakfast menus.


Boxty: This Northern treat is a small box shaped cake made from half mashed potatoes and half strained and raw potatoes. More and more, boxties are served with garnishes or other fillings to add some flavor. They make a great small bite or appetizer.


Corned beef tongue: So many people will be sitting down to corned beef and cabbage this Saint Patrick’s Day, but only those in the know will be eating corned beef tongue.